10 hudplejetrends for 2023, du kan tilføje til dit regime
Jan 2023

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10 hudplejetrends for 2023, du kan tilføje til dit regime

2023 is here, and with that comes the best skincare trends. Here at DermSilk, we are always on the lookout for the latest and most innovative skincare treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best. We’ve rounded up the top trends in skincare that we think you should keep your eye on this year. Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 injectable-free skincare trends of 2023.

  • At-home Skincare Devices
  • Multi-use Skincare Products
  • Skin Cycling
  • Products and Practices that Promote More Sustainable Living
  • Refillable Skincare Products
  • Psychodermatology
  • slugging
  • Prevention and Preservation
  • Whole Body Skincare
  • Medicinske svampe


At-Home Skincare Devices

If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that we are more capable than we realized we were of taking care of our beauty needs at home. The market for home-use skincare devices is exploding, and many of them work surprisingly well. From low-tech skin rollers to top-of-the-line microneedling tools and skin-toning devices, the growth of the DIY skincare market shows no signs of stopping.


Multi-Use Skincare Products

We’re all feeling the pain at the pump and at the register, so it should come as no surprise that skincare products that promise to treat multiple issues at once will be trending in 2023. Popular combos are retinol with either glycolic acid or niacinamide, and vitamin C og E.. Easing strain on the wallet and the earth through less packaging is a win-win for everyone.


Skin Cycling

Skin cycling is a concept created by dermatologist and scientist Dr. Whitney Bowe. Similar to a physical workout regimen that would never require two leg days in a row because of muscles needing time to repair and rebuild, Dr. Bowe’s four-day skincare cycle instructs skin cycling enthusiasts to exfoliate the first night, use a retinoid product the second night, and genvinde the third and fourth nights. Dr. Bowe has found that by alternating the use of active ingredients (in exfoliation and retinoid products) and recovery (with a focus on hydration), the skin reaps maximum, noticeable benefits.


Products and Practices that Promote More Sustainable Living

Brand identities with a distinctly eco-friendly flair are not particularly unique as we look to a future marked by climate change. A commitment to purchasing conscious products and packaging is a great way to demonstrate your social responsibility, but how about also buying fewer of them? Expect minimalism to trend in 2023 while consumers seek to reduce their carbon footprint, even with their purchase and use of the best skincare products.


Laser behandlinger

Laserbehandlinger are effective at treating sun-damaged skin, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, and more. They work by removing the outer-most layer of skin and heating the layer of skin beneath it to stimulate the growth of new collagen fibers. Laser technology is always advancing, and 2023 promises to be another year of innovation in this field. 



Psychological stress can lead to problem skin. Problem skin can also lead to psychological stress. If you’ve ever dealt with acne, you know the havoc it can wreak on your sense of self-worth. For some, it can be a truly traumatic experience, and delving into the myriad reasons why would require a much longer article. Thankfully, there are many gentle acne treatments like rengøringsservietter og Pore ​​terapi that clear up skin and give self-esteem a boost. 



Products that contain niacinamide, a water-soluble form of Vitamin B3, are rising in popularity, particularly for age-related skin concerns like drying and thinning caused by the natural drop in estrogen that occurs in menopause. Niacinamide enhances the production of collagen, and when added to products like øjencreme og tightening cream, it is an effective anti-aging ingredient. 


Prevention and Preservation

Instead of focusing on skincare repair through the latest “miracle” ingredient or procedure, adopting good skin practices før much damage has occurred can slow down the hands of time. Whether you embrace no-cost practices like avoiding tanning beds, smoking, and getting overtired, or you invest in quality exfoliants, supplements, and solcreme, an ounce of prevention is mere than worth than a pound of cure when it comes to best skincare practices.


Whole Body Skincare

Every good skincare routine should focus on more than just the face, especially when it comes to moisturizing and sun protection. Products like body oils, foot masks, and Neocutis NEO BODY Restorative Body Cream help you take care of your skin from head to toe.


Medicinske svampe

One trend we’re keeping tabs on as the industry grows is the use of medicinal mushrooms for skincare. There are thousands of species of mushrooms, some yet undiscovered, and we’re starting to see an increased use of mushroom ingredients in everything from face masks to sunscreen to detox teas. Including mushrooms in overall wellness plans is growing in popularity, and mushrooms for skincare will surely continue to be a part of this trend. 

Is there an injectable-free skincare trend you have recently discovered that we should have added to this list? Tell us in the comments what you think the best skincare trend of 2023 will be!

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